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My name is Tammy and I am the  New Zealand artist that makes monsters , art dolls and weird creatures for Mystic Monsters and Mystic Hills Ngaroma.

 I have created little creatures for as long as I can remember. I always had an imagination that stretched far beyond what was seen and even from a small child I would collect bottles , fabric , bits and pieces and create little dolls or creatures.I would often have a long running conversation with my creation - a habit that still continues till today.

As I learned to sew and paint, these skills led me to create more and more imaginative or wild creatures.I found myself adding hand spun fibers from our farm, metal  found objects and assemblages, painted and stained faces. Someone once asked me how I come up with the characters for Mystic Monsters- the answer is simply - I see them clearly in my head. .Even before I begin work, I see and know exactly what a creature will look like. I then set about finding what I need to bring that vision to life. It is an exciting time.

Mystic monsters and our other creations  spring from my imagination - though I am inspired by artwork and the genius of Tim Burton, Jim Henson as well as old horror movies with Vincent Price.I just love the spooky and the scary. I also secretly believe in the presence of creatures we cannot see... wee faeries, goblins , trolls and other making monsters comes naturally.

I work from a small and crowded little room /studio in our farmhouse at Mystic Hills- its crammed with fabrics, old metal parts, paints and paper , fur fabrics.and wool. It also has things that inspire me- a collection of old dolls and bears, my inspiration boards of artwork and images , pictures of family and friends and even love notes from my sweetheart. I also have a scared space which inspires my work and allows me to be grateful for the skills and gifts  I have. I am so pleased that many of our creations have found homes all over the world and are so dearly loved.I make each monsters one at a time and often think of who it will go to in the end.

Life for me is simple - I work from our farmhouse set on a working sheep station in the high country. Country life and all its joys and struggles inspire and reflect in my work. I love having my animals close at hand , often I have an injured  chicken or little orphan lamb in a basket under my tables as I work. Many of our animals  whims , antics and expression find their way into my monster faces as well.

We strive to be self sufficient and grow our own food, spin our own wool , hunt for meat etc.Simplicity and having less not more is a daily choice.

I am helped with so many of my creations by my best friend and partner/soul mate  Greg who helps me find the more interesting little finds to add to my monsters. He often returns from work out the back of the farm with pockets stuffed with old washers, bolts , feathers and other wonderful stuff. .He  helps me with the more challenging aspects of monster making. I could not do this without him and the belief he has in me.Mystic Monsters and Mystic Hills Ngaroma is definitely a creative partnership

Mystic Monsters has led me to meet some wonderful and interesting people who start out as customers and become  friends. They  encourage me to extend and stretch my art and creativity even more.We keep in touch actively with social media like Facebook and our blog as I share what I am working on. I love having contact with the people who buy my creatures. I am like a proud momma when I get snapshots of them in their own homes and new countries.

Finally I have to say the monsters themselves have been wonderful to create- why??  because I see each time that I make one - that even with stained faces, scars and  googly eyes.. each one is perfect and each one finds someone to love it...
Now if only we could see each other the same way too..

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